Red Box around Control

I am getting a Red Outline around the label control to the left of another label control I have selected. What does this mean?

I ask because in 2018r1 that is causing my application to crash. It does not in 2017r3. I want to rectify why that is as I assume its some kind of warning.

If this is inside the IDE, then you probably have the alignment toolbar item selected (some icon with a measurment tool icon just above the view) .

No I do not have the indicate measurements toolbar turned on.

What’s the Super of the red-outlined label?

IOSLabel Same for the one In Red

You usually get a red outline around a control when you drag it into another control. But that changes the Super.

Project has been saved and reopened and it still comes up this way if I select the control again.

If you overlap the controls the Parent will be the bottom control. When this happens there is a red highlight. I would check the parent property and you will probably see that it is one of your other controls instead of the View.

Yes, what Jason said above. On a couple of my views, I need to place some controls deliberately in the wrong position to avoid the parent problem and then reposition them at runtime. I believe there’s a Feedback case for being able to set the Parent to nil.