Red badge in list of methods

Probably a question that a simple search in the forums should answer before making a new post, but I don’t even know what to properly call this, so my search was unsuccessful.

I don’t think I have seen this before:
What does this mean?

the method has an attribute and this marks the method as deprecated.


Interesting, I’m poking around macOSlib:

CFArray has two Constructors. And one of them is deprecated?

Yes, that is fine. You can call it either with an array of string or CFTypes.

having an attribute doesn’t mean it’s deprecated ?!?
you can use the attributes to mean to you it’s a deprecated method, but you can use it for something else.

Can you check what attributes you have there?

It will show a red “A” for attributes and a red “D” for deprecated. Not sure what version that started in.


Thanks! I checked, and there is in fact an attribute name “deprecated” with no value assigned to this method. Someone contributing to macOSlib must have set it.

I have been using REALBasic/Xojo for over 15 years, and somehow I must have completely missed this ‘Attributes’ feature. I guess we do learn something new every day :grinning:

what about upgrading macoslib to the 64bit one?

Yes, that’s where I found this :slight_smile:

Fine. The reason I added the vidal-URL was because clicking on the URL in your post I was sent me to the old macoslib.

And the viIdal version is not so young 2021 (but good for me, thanks).

and @Vidal_van_Bergen is a very responsive fellow.

I’ve since been given access to modify the main repository, and both mine and its ‘master’ branch are the same and most up to date 64bit version.