Recursive Folder renaming

Anybody know how to rename all folders withing folders and so on…?

Tried only renames first one before stoping.

Any help appreciated.

just folders ?
and rename them to what ?

Without any code in your post, this makes it sound like there’s an issue with your recursive implementation. There’s at least one example of recursive folder actions in the docs with the DeleteEntireFolder example:

Mac ? Windows ? often enough, the system can be more effective, and a shell will be much faster.

Sorry did not put code up but was trying to alt copyfile or folder to do it but could not do it

To answer I use windows, Xojo 2018

Sorry for that but will try altering Tim Parnells suggestion.

Thank you very much as have succeded in renaming folders using Tim Parnell suggestion

Will try and remember to include code ,system and more info if I need help again…(Thats certain)