Recommended PC and Apple magazines

Beyond something specific to Xojo, what PC and Apple computer magazines should Xojo developers subscribe to?

Good question, but do people even read magazines any more? It seems everything is a PDF now a days.

What are you looking for?

I thought MacTech was interesting but it also seemed like advertisers got glowing reviews. Maybe just a coincidence.

I am thinking in terms of keeping up with the latest developments in technology, hardware, software, telecommunications, laws, and marketing trends.

Read them online - daily updates etc etc
Depends on WHAT specifically you want to follow
AppleInsider is good, Daring Fireball - but they’re not strictly “tech” journals
I glance through a few each morning but their more “news” stuff

I have subscriptions to:

SD TImes:
Popular Science
Fast Company

For web sites, try:
Programming subreddit:

If you’re looking for news, then I’d suggest you start by Googling news or rumors site and bookmarking several. Then over time deciding on which ones you prefer and letting go of the others.

Magazines, because of print time and what not, I find are always very slow with news, however magazines to tend to make up for it with tutorials and in-depth reviews. Around tech shows, you’ll want to pay attention to multiple news outlets as while they general cover the same stuff, each one will also cover things that others don’t. Like the recent CES coverage, some of the most exciting stuff on got features in one publication.

I read several daily Photography websites, yet I also subscribe to Popular Photography and Digital Photography, mainly for reviews and tutorials. While the sites, tend to give me an idea of what’s coming and what I can expect.

Also making friends with multiple geeks on Facebook helps, mind you most of met mates are geeks to begin with :slight_smile: