Recommendations for support software

Would anyone have any recommendations for self-hosted support software for the web? I’d like to host better organized documentation on my sites. Bonus marks if it has a ticket system.

I’m currently investigating osTicket but I’d love to get some recommendations for alternatives. Thanks.

I’ve used this in the past and was happy with it.

Have you looked into Freshdesk or Zendesk? Freshdesk might be my preference, but either one gives you a ticket system, support for your client, as well as a place to post self-help support for your clients. I’ve had my clients use both with great success.

Whenever I have a release I get a higher number of support tickets. Those have an n:m relationship to bug reports. Does anyone know about a software that does both?

Try Freshdesk or Zendesk for that too. They have a lot of flexibility.

I use and recommend Zendesk too.

Freshdesk is ok for me.

Instead of everyone googling for freshdesk and zendesk, wouldn’t it be more efficient if just ONE person actually includes links in their recommendation? (Kudos to Dirk).

Anyway, here are the links:

Both are commercial offerings.

Thanks guys but I’m really looking for something self-hosted, that I can control on my own server.

I’ve had good experiences with OsTicket. Can recommend it.

You can self-host the one I mentioned. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, it’s super busy over here at the moment.

OTRS and OSTicket are both self hosted.

We use OSTicket here at TOLIS Group.

I used Redmine years ago and liked it.