Recommendations for bug-tracking tool?

In case your software development produces bugs (otherwise known as “unexpected features”), do you all recommend a good bug-tracking software tool? There are free options, personal ones that are installed on your system, and those that require a sophisticated database (ugh!). All I really need is a low-cost, easy-to-use cloud-based solution?

Of course, if you don’t ever encounter any bugs, this wouldn’t even be of interest!

We use Mantis. It’s free and relatively easy to use and we can install it directly from our web host cPanel.

I tried Mantis and 1/2 dozen other free solutions, and ended up writing my own in PHP/mySQL

A job for Xojo Web?
I still dream of a web version of the feedback app :slight_smile:

Redmine. Mantis is ugly as hell.

Ugly as hell but VERY functional - personally I’d worry about functionality before I worried about whether its nice looking

I’ve not used Redmine but have heard good things

JIRA. I think it is next to nothing if you install, but we just plop down the $10 a month and let them host, I have other things that need my attention rather than dealing with a bug tracking tool server install. I think it is $10 a month for up to 10 users, then increases after that.

I have found an incredible, simple bug tracking system that takes just a few minutes to set up (and it is hosted): Snowy Evening.

Do you have a demo to show off?

Personally I like and use Mantis. Easy to setup and use.
The company where I work uses Jira as well as several of the Atlassian tools. It is definitely prettier than Mantis, but still easy to use.
You can’t go wrong with either of these two. there you go

I think he meant a demo of Dave’s tool.

Damn. You’re right, sorry.

I guess I can make one… I’ll make a dummy account and publish the User/PW here (it will remain active only for a few days to keep any spam down)

since I host my code repos at BitBucket, I am using their issue tracker. I dont have it exposed to the public just to the people working on the repo. At some point I will need an exposed one to the public/customers. but havent gotten there yet.

Have looked around and most of them are hideous to look at but are very functional. And the ones that arent hideous are expensive (or at least they are in my mind).

Now for most of the Atliatian tools (Bamboo, Jira, etc). have a “startup” version that is $10/tool/year hosted at your site. That $10 gets you the same code as they use in the hosted environment and you get only 10 “users”. And maybe other restrictions. A user is anyone that can login. So for automated systems/connections, that user account that logins to do something is counted as 1 of the 10 user. So based on my rough math (back of a cocktail napkin in the cigar bar), if you have 5-6 people + automation then it works for you. Once you get bigger, then their tools get more expensive.


Being an only developer, I use a custom desktop application for this, it’s ugly and incomplete, but does the job.

Pretty much the same for me. It one of the things I implement whenever I try out a new language. It is easy to copy my sqlite database to a new location to use for testing.

Perhaps I should spiff mine up a bit and sell it for $10 :slight_smile:
I wrote it just for me, so it only has what I thought was important.
MikeC actually has used it when he helped test a project of mine a while back

Why spiff it Dave? If there is a market, and it appears there is, why not release 1.0 and go from there? \

I found it a bit tricky to i stall but that might only be me :wink: