Recent Windows 10 update causes debugger to crash

This also happens with my compiled version of my app.
Current on XOJO and Windows 10.
I am frustrated by this recent update today. I don’t know if I did it, but I can’t get rid of the update. I allowed the install to happen while had several apps running.
I uninstall it but re-installs itself. It’s a security update. KB5003214.
I have also ran chkdsk but to no resolution.

What happens. I edit a few lines of the database (my own database and not MySql or something) and it disappears. I don’t know how to debug something like this

Any suggestions?

Does it crash when debugging a brand new empty desktop project?

I just tried Eddies Electronics and it didn’t crash.


Is there some log I can add?

Ok, so I assume its something in your project.

The most obvious question would be, do you use any declares?

The easiest way to diagnose the problem would be to comment out portions of code after the edit until the program stays running then slowly re-introduce code until you repeat the issue then go from there.


Oh and the only declares I have are for Cocoa.

The bummer is it worked yesterday just fine.

I tracked it down to a method (called CtrlsOff) within a method, etc. The method turns the controls to be only readable. This particular method has been around since 2018, and has been around in some form for over ten years.

The particular line is

CREdit(kCForWd).ReadOnly = True

The line itself causes the crash Perhaps because it is a reduntant action. The control has generally already been set to ReadOnly.
It is part of a control set of textAreas, and this is the first of them. It also usually has Korean characters.

I can tell when it is going to crash because of the wrong font size, and it is also the first one.

My app uses different character TextEncodings. I also know this crash happens with the English and not Korean. When I had the encoding, it never happened. As soon as I switched back to English it crashed.

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Now I have another spot that is causing the crash. It is after all the code has been ran, including the activate event. I can tell because nothing is happening.

It looks like you’re finding some unique bugs there, are you able to reproduce them in a demo project and add then to a feedback ticket and/or post them here? Someone might be able to help you with a workaround in the short term until the bug is fixed.

I think it’s a problem of scale, or I have somehow got a lot of lines of code, and I might not be able to shrink it. This is better than some since it seems to be related to either textfields being turned on and off, textencoding. I might be able to turn it into something

The nice thing about this is I finally felt comfortable releasing it. Until today that is

Feedback case;
65269 - KB5003214 caused crashes at TextArea.ReadOnly = True

Forgot to grab the link.

I am going to upgrade to the new version of Feedback before I add the project.

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