Recent Projects

When one opens the IDE, one can see the Recent Projects list.

I think it would be useful to be able to edit the list (delete entries) so it doesn’t get filled with example projects.

Also, it might be nice to be able to lock a project into the list so it doesn’t get pushed out,


It’s just a synonym for your File > Open Recent menu. You can clear the list by clearing the menu. What it sounds like you really want are improvements to the choose a project window.

The reason I bring this up, is that there’s a ticket from 2013 requesting more information in the project chooser: <>

You may want to file a ticket requesting a “favorites” view or something so that if they ever get around to that other ticket they may do yours as well. There are changes to the IDE on the roadmap too.



Exactly. I’ll visit the feedback item.


I may be wrong, check the LR, but I think there already is a way to do that.

Anyway, if the project disk is not online, select it and the IDe will propose to remove it from the list.

Also, in the right pane of the Recents, something have been added, but since there are plenty rooms, more stuff can be added (say an About this project text, for example).
Also possible is an icon (or text) telling the knd of project (Desktop, Mobile, Web, whatever)…
The above may not takes long to be implemented. A good 2021r1 feature :wink:

Nota: in the past, some of my suggestions have been added (many years after I express my self) or never implemented…
And some have been asked by other(s), then implemented.

i agree
removing single entries from recent list would be fine, just because opened example or new test projects.
or a project flag example/test for separating.

there is already something that has been done about this.
if you select one recent project and press the del or delete key, it is removed from the list
but if you open the recent projects again, they come back !

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Merci Jean-Yves for the confirmation.

I was not dreaming.

Well, it’s nice that I can remove a project.
It’s not nice that they come back. It’s a half-done feature.


Hi Bob,

You do not tell us what Xojo versions you are using. (plural)

The feature was added in:

48185 IDE On the Project Chooser dialog you can now select a recent item and press back delete or forward delete to remove an item.

Now, you said they come back ?
I saw wizardry when I use different Xojo IDE versions.

But, I suppose that if you use 2017r2 or later only, you will not experiment that.

Nota: my latest license is for 2015r1. And, when I fall into trouble, I load my project with the current (to date) version to check if this still exists (if so, usually, it is my bug).

I hope this help you.

To Xojo:
I also use Recent Projects to open a Project folder in the Finder (so I open the project and Cmd-Click in the window title bar to open the project). Then I can reach the information I want, whetever it can be (last project version and other stuff).
No, my Xojo projects are not all stored in a single Xojo Projects folder; they can be anywhere they fit best (often because I have data I use within the project - Drag and Drop for example).

Has been reported 2018 (<>, <>). Can be reproduced, but hasn’t been fixed since.

And the reason is because one use an older Xojo version after one who have the feature.

Reproduced because of that.

Robn specifically wrote the Xojo versions (2017r1a21) tha works, and the one to reproduce the “bug” (Xojo2016r4.1).

I do not know why this bug arise, but it comes only if you use an older Xojo version.

Nota: I also saw that bug, years ago.

for me I see “closed not reproductible” !

ah ok the linked case is the one still open.

Nope. I see it in X2020 R2.1 and i have only this Xojo Installation on my Machine. :slight_smile:
Aaaand, this Machine never had any IDE older than 2019’s installed before :wink:

Data Migration ?

I just left that version and do not noticed that bug.

Maybe one have to save (in 2020r2.1) to get the bug.

This explain why I do not saww it anymore !