Receive query result from online database.

I’m using an HTTPSocket to post data to an online database using php. How do I use the HTTPSocket to initiate a select query in a php script and receive the results back to my app? Thanks!

I can get the data back formatted as html into a TextArea using PageReceived. Is there a way to just get the data back from the online database query not in html format?

Isn’t that completely dependent on what the php script is designed to return?

I just need a little advice to get me going Tim. The HTTPSocket returns the entire page in HTML format from the php Post in PageReceived. All I want to get back are the results from the query formatted somehow I can separate them on the app side. Any ideas? Thanks!

I usually write the php script to output the results in XML format. You can also use JSON (it would be easier), but I use xml out of habit. Need to get up to speed, I guess.

I’ve never done that before. Any chance of a small php example of how this is done to get me started? Thanks…

Thanks Tim I have it figured out.