Receipt printing - PLIST entry

I am trying to use Mobi Print Enterprise on an iPad using encodebase64 ZPL to print receipts. I am writing an app that can modify the ZPL code, convert to encodebase64, and then send it to toe IOSHTMLViewer. Right now I can copy the encoded64 zpl code+link and paste it to Safari and it sends the zpl to the Mobi App and prints to my Zebra ZQ320. However, I want to be able to send it to the IOSHTMLViewer in my app, so after it prints it will return to my app, However, I get no results. I can open any normal webpage for http or https in the IOSHTMLViewer, but this won’t run. I think there may be an Apple plist key that can be set for IOS to allow this.

Here’s what gets passed as the URL to the viewer/browser:


Again, this works in Safari, but not in XOJO IOSHTMLViewer.

Does anyone have an idea what it would be or know any way to get this to work in XOJO?

Thanks in advance.

Lookup the OpenURL example included with your installation. You need to use that code to make this work, not an HTML viewer.

Thanks Jason. That works, but not reliably. Not sure there is anything that would with IOS and a Zebra print?