reCaptcha in Xojo 2022r3

Has anyone successfully added a Google reCaptcha to a Xojo 2022 web page? The examples that worked in Xojo 2019r3.2 do not work as is in 2022 but I have no idea what needs to be done. All suggestions will be appreciated. TIA

HaHa! I guess 7 days of silence means nobody does reCaptcha with Xojo 2022r3!!! Could anyone suggest alternative/preferred methods?

Can you be more specific about what “do not work” means? Doesn’t compile? Compiles but errors at runtime? etc.

Just a note to let you know that 2022r3 should be discussed in the Testers space until it is released.

You are correct. My bad! Applies to all 2022 actually. I will retest to be sure I do not report things that are not true.

• start with Brock Nash’s 2014 post here:

• Download his Xojo project.
• Open it in Xojo 2019r3.2
• Create a new web project in Xojo 2019r3.2 (I selected the example Web => Downloading project)
• Copy the WebReCaptcha class from Brock’s into your new 2019 web project
• Drag the class onto the web page and you see a reCaptcha visual
• Hit Run and the app runs with no error messages
• Repeat these steps in Xojo 2021r3.1
• When you drag into the window, there is no visual, just an icon at the bottom like dragging a Timer
• When you hit Run the error message “Can’t find a type with this name - trol(CSS)” is displayed at location “WebReCaptcha.SetupCSS” and 4 errors are displayed in the usual area at the bottom.

It seems like the WebControlWrapper no longer exists or behaves very differently. Anyway this is where I am lost and can go no further.

Again suggestions or an alternative to the Captcha are welcome.


His code is encrypted and designed for Web 1, it will not work in Web 2.

I see @Brock_Nash from time to time on the forum (much less than before). I don’t know if he can see this and help you with his code.

Thank you Alberto!

@Brock_Nash, where art thou?

Swamped with work. Haven’t had much time to focus on Xojo things - and web 2.0 isn’t really at a point usable to me without hacking the heck out of it :person_shrugging:


Thanks Brock for replying!