RealStudio to Xojo

I’m trying to move from RS to Xojo but when i treat a Bug go on then i have to go back this is version after version.


I mean that I have an application I made in RealStudio and am trying to move but have many bugs Xojo
RealStudio comparing against Xojo not 100% of solid compared to Xojo.

I like to move to Xojo but i can not.

Could you elaborate on some of the specific bugs you are seeing?

I have one Reports that works on RS works is only One page but on Xojo take two pages

Can you tell what report element is larger than before?

Tab width is smaller on Cocoa than Carbon.
Drag and drop is bad on Cocoa.

I do not collated a list of Cocoa differences, but I have these two in mind.

Alexis: please, give real example. People could eventually give you advices or bug # to sign on.