RealStudio 2012 r2.1 vs macOS Mojave 10.14

I don’t know what to do…
I made all…and…
every project every every
“unexpected closure of nsjdvndjvn.debug”

Switch to Xojo?

Go back to previous OS Version?

Real Studio 2012 is 6 years old and doesn’t support 64-bit apps. Mojave is the last macOS to support 32-bit apps. It’s time to upgrade.

I do not know why an expert computer programmer like me did not think about it before !!!
Ah already !!!
I have memory problems !!!
So is it recommended to go back to the old MacOSX version or upgrade to Xojo?
Because updating on Xojo also means changing many programs …
Real Studio 2012 is old… but is very working… only for changing bit doesn’t works…
Like other software… : - )))
Thank you

The old adage of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t exactly apply here. macOS 10.15 will be here in less than a year and you don’t have a tool that can build for it. My advice is to upgrade now and begin making the transition. I’m certain there will be tough parts, but it has to be done or you’ll be left behind. That’s the cold hard truth of the matter.

It won’t be fun. You’ll have 6 years of changes to catch up with, plus the transition to 64-bit. But the alternative is not supporting the latest version of macOS. That’s your decision to make.

That’s not even said. I recently updated a 10 years old RB project to current Xojo, including HiDPI and 64 Bit. Of the few hours I needed for that, most were spent modernizing an outdated PDF engine where I had to search for replacements for Carbon declares.

True. It really depends on the number of bad behaviors, declares, custom controls, and plugins in use. The fewer of each, the easier the transition will be. Most old projects will have a bunch of each, usually threads accessing the interface, and abuse of graphics properties.

So yes, it isn’t a guarantee that updating an old project will be difficult, it usually is.

I do not know if I’ve already said it.
I am used to making programs with old systems for new ones to make them more compatible than ever.
remember that we are programmers.
For example all the programs I did with the old realstudio also work with the later system.
I will probably come back to use 01100001 01110011 01110011 01100101 01101101 01100010 01101100 01111001 !!!
Bye bye!!!

Yes, but what I’m trying to tell you is that won’t be the case much longer. macOS 10.15 will drop support for 32-bit apps, which your copy of Real Studio creates. There’s no way around it, your tactic of using older versions to support newer systems is not viable with this transition. This isn’t Xojo’s fault either, they’ve adapted appropriately, albeit a bit slowly.

If you want to continue your strategy, you’ll need to use an old version Xcode on an old system to build 64-bit apps for modern macOS versions. But you’ll have problems with code signing and notarization then.

For better or worse, Apple’s aggressive transitioning has made your workflow problematic. But anyway, I think I’ve made my point. I hope you find a solution you and your customers are happy with.

I am afraid your sarcsasm won’t help you in that case. All your options have been said with the first two answers. How do you expect a 32 Bit exclusive IDE to work in a 64 Bit world without the appropriate compiler? How about HiDPI, DarkMode, younameit, all the features that have come to modern APIs (and to Xojo) without an IDE built to support these features?

Either update (it’s free for testing) or support only outdated systems. As hard as it may sound, these are your only options. The reasons have been explained clearly in earlier posts. We are here to help you update your projects but not to attain the impossible.

But damn, did it ever work well. I’ve never seen a better case for “Be careful what you wish for” than Xojo.

yes i like more Real Studio Was hard like a rock

Up to a point, it works to use an older version of the IDE to support older versions of macOS - except that Apple has explicitly said macOS Mojave is the last version to run 32 bit software. 2012r2.1 has no way to build for 64 bit so if you don’t update sometime in the next year you will not be able to make software for the latest versions of macOS in the next year. And any 32 bit bugs and issues in Mojave likely won’t be fixed by Apple since by next year about this time there won’t be any 32 bit support in the latest macOS.

Apple is forcing this change on all software developers.

regardless of all the points made above (which I agree with)… I just tested Xojo2012 with Mojave and its seems to run just fine

I routinely use RS 2012 in Mojave and it works fine.

I’m aware I won’t be able to do it any more in 10.15 so I’ll go to a VM with Mojave or something earlier but for the time being it seems to work OK.

Maybe an old plugin or helper is not working in Mojave, rather than RS itself.

Sorry for the late…
I have upgraded!
But… Now, as NOT expected, there is a feature that does not work for all three operating systems (Real Studio? YES!): 3D!
Yes, I know I know I asked this question somewhere else…
…but, dulcis in fundo, at the end, it seems to me that here is the same argument.
Is here someone could help me to make 3d for all OS?
Thank you!


You will need metal for macos and OpenGL for windows I assume OpenGL on Linux as well. OpenGL on macos is deprecated, compiled on latest version does not run on 10.14+. Metal and OpenGL are two very different beasts.

I don’t think anyone has wrapped up metal yet for public use in xojo. There are about 120 classes to work with.

OpenGL for all. But for newer MacOS Metal only, someone needs to add a MoltenGL like layer to the Xojo OpenGL framework. MoltenGL | Metal performance with OpenGL ES

Isn’t it done yet? I don’t see any “it does not work in Macs” in the Xojo manual.