RealStudio 2010r2 license

Hi everybody,
Has anyone tried to get Realbasic’s validation key from Xojo’s site before version 2010r2 to run on Windows 10?
I can’t get to the window that gives the 8-digit code.
Thank you.

HI Benoit,

You only need to go to

and follow the steps to generate an 8 digit code for RS licenses.

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And make sure you wait full two minutes. If code does not work, click the button again a minute later with same code.


Thank you Alyssa and Christian,
I tried all this but Realbasic cannot connect to the Xojo server so I cannot get the window that indicates the 8 digit key.

If you are using a very old release it can have trouble connecting to the authentication server. To get around this, download the current version of Xojo and Sign In to it. It will say you do not have a license and just ignore that. Once Signed In to Xojo, Sign In to REALbasic and it should reach out to the new system.

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Has anyone at Xojo actually tried that???

And why does Xojo assume people are only using old licenses for older versions?

I have a license for Xojo 2018 R3 Pro that should give me access to REALstudio 2012 R2.1 to work on some old projects (my last REALstudio license expired at REALstudio 2012 R1).


I can download the license for Xojo 2018 R3 Pro but that of course does not open in REALstudio 2012 R2.1 (and I downloaded a fresh copy of it to make sure I didn’t miss any change). It neither shows the license information to be entered in REALstudio.

REALstudio on the other hand informs me that I need to enter the license information (that I do not have) or start a trial, but starting a trial results in UNABLE TO ESTABLISH INTERNET CONNECTION.

After starting Xojo first and then REALstudio I get the “Enter license Information” - fanbloodytastic.

If I download the old REALstudio license then it comes as a Xojo license that can’t be read or opened in REALstudio.

Sorry, Alyssa, but this is a complete mess.

Btw if I were Xojo I would make the old REALstudio versions free to use.

P.S. After rumaging through my emails I managed to find the code for my REALstudio Desktop license bought 13th of Aug 2012 and valid till 2017. Entered it on your website, got an activation code, copy-pasted the activation code -> “The code is not valid” …

I click on “Continue” anyway and it tells me “Thank you for licensing” and the license is in the About window … of course that is for the “Personal Edition”, not my “Xojo Pro” edition …

And why do you assume that our licensing scheme hasn’t changed over the last 10 years?

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I don’t - but why did you not make it backwards compatible??? Or if someone buys a newer license then automatically add a valid license number for the older versions to his account? Or …

There are ways of doing this that do not increase the support burden on Xojo and avoid annoying the users - wouldn’t it have been smart to do that? Because quite frankly the current mess looks and feels unprofessional.

I had also a similar experience. I need to compile one project in xojo 2013 and i contacted the support and they told to use the current version to register and go back to old version. This is not working. Finally i had to convert the whole project to newer version.

For me, it worked a few months ago to install Real Studio 2012.

Do you know many products that do so?
I can’t think of any paid product I have where a 2020 licence would work at all in the 2012 version.

And, compared to Parallels Desktop where you can’t even download nor buy the prior-to-current version, I’m thinking supporting several releases with a single buying is already amazing in Xojo.


+1. Plus with very old stuff, I usually don’t have all the plugins in that particular version and I’m not used any longer to the old syntax. So there is tons of mess on my side to deal with :-).

I personally think that I’m worse than Xojo on this.

That’s the reason why I started upgrading to the newest version ASAP after release for that stuff which still needs to be maintained, or I’m telling the customer that it will be out of maintenance in x months, if he doesn’t want to upgrade. I actually did recently the same for the Web1 stuff I had sold to customers. End of maintenance is for me end of Q2/2021. Now I am not saying that no one should work with old versions, I understand why this is needed, I only concluded long ago that for me it is not a viable approach.

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If you need, we can still provide Real Studio plugins for current MBS version.
Happily supporting REALbasic 2006r4 to Xojo 2020r2.1.


Similar things have been going on in tech retail for years unfortunately…

Last time I looked, I needed the version 11 and the current version was already 12 (too new for my OS). The page you’ve shared above didn’t even exist and searches around the web produced no result for the 11 version (nor earlier); all sellers (e.g. MacUpdate) also had only version 12 available, as if Parallels told them explicitly to remove the prior versions (that’s what I guessed until today). And, trust me, I searched mid-deeply (that is to say, except on the dark net… :wink:).
I finally had to buy a licence on eBay, with the packaged product from a user, only way I could find.
Granted, it was around 2 years ago, but…

And, at least since august 2020, it looks they changed their mind. A spectacular change as now, even versions 2 can be downloaded.
But I’m wondering whether the non-current versions can still be purchased, which would indicate they truly changed.

Thanks for the link.

I’m not sure, wayback machine says the page has been there since 2008, it seems old editions have always been at that url. 11 August 2020 is probably just the date of the last update to the page when they added the top most entry.

But we’re getting off topic, @Benoît_Bouillon if you are still stuck I suggest emailing

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Y’all! This thread has gone off topic and I am already helping the op via email.

TL;DR To get get old software to register you might have to jump through some hoops. But in my over 13 years with Xojo, I am familiar with all those hoops and I am happy to lead you through them.


Finally it works!
Not being the smartest and to summarize, I encountered 2 problems:

  1. On the Legacy Authorization page, the first pages are pictures so I never thought the third was for introduce my license.
    In my mind this description corresponded to what I should see when installing Realbasic on my PC.
  2. The license in my profile (Xojo website) did not match that of my 2010r2 version.
    By entering the right license, I was finally able to get my 8-digit key.
    And everything works perfectly under Windows 10 (64 bit).
    I want to thank Alyssa for her patience and skills.

I just want to chime in that it does work and give kudos to Xojo.

I’m still using RealStudio 2011r3 to compile for OSX PPC. Every time I reinstall (on a VM), I need to renew the licence. Having gone through the process several times, I can say it’s not the most intuitive process… but, I can also say:

  • it does work
  • as Christian mentioned, you do have to wait 2 full minutes
  • every time, Xojo (wink wink Alyssa) has always helped with awesome support and got it working quickly.

So be positive and patient and be assured you’ll get help!