RealStudio 2010 (Rel.5.1) on Mavericks

Hey All,

I’m still running RealStudio 2010 (Rel 5.1). Has anyone experienced any problems running this version on OSX Mavericks.
I’ve been hesitant to upgrade the OS from Mountain Lion until I know if RealStudio will still work properly. I use a 2012 Mac Mini (fully decked out with 16gb of Ram and a quad core processor).

Since Mavericks is free, you could set it up on a VM to make sure it works for you.

Real Studio 2010r5.1 is pretty old, though. You should really consider upgrading!

You want to compile for PowerPC right? Don’t update to Mavericks, it has tighter code signing requirements that I’m seeing a lot of people being unable to code sign UB apps, without stripping the PowerPC code.

Or keep a copy of ML in a VM for code signing the PowerPC version.