REALSQLdb Alternative

I have a small program that connects to a REALSQdb (.rsd). I have a MAC.

My Code to connect is:
HomeDB = New REALSQLDatabase
homedb.DatabaseFile=getfolderitem( “My_Database.rsd” )

The database can not be password protected.
Is there a database that I can use that can be password protected and my XOJO app can connect to?

Thank you

This is the REALSQdb replacement.

is there a simple SQlite GUI program that will import my REALSQdb (.rsd) ?

you may need to get an older Xojo version (or Real Studio or even Realbasic), which can read the old database and also write to SQLite. Then write a little app to copy records.

REALSQLDatabase is SQLite. You can just use the SQLiteDatabase class to open the database.

There are many 3rd party DB tools listed here:

Thank you all for your replies and suggestions.

You got me through my conversion of REALSQLDatabase to SQLite. Which also consisted of getting rid of quite a few “Older” things like recordsets to rowset, etc.

As far as my database, I simply changed the extension on my REALSQLDatabase to SQLite (and changed the property ) and all works.

Thanks again!!