REALLoadFrameworkMethod and MessageBox?

does someone know how to load MessageBox function in Xojo 2020r1?

Xojo.MessageBox(Message as String)
MessageBox(Message as String)

Seems not to work with REALLoadFrameworkMethod function.

This changed with 2020 ? or were you before loading it from MsgBox ?

REALMessageBox in the PluginSDK doesn’t work for web targets.

Loading msgbox with “msgbox(s as string)” seems to work.

Maybe @William_Yu can check why MessageBox doesn’t load!?

While Msgbox loads, it doesn’t work for web apps :frowning:

Could it be that RuntimeMsgBox and MessageBox functions in console framework are just a few bytes long and do nothing? :scream:

This seems to be a part of the framework written in Xojo itself. So the compiler strips the method when it’s not used, so we can’t relay on that one.

Ah so you need some way to force a dependency on Xojo.MessageBox so it wont get stripped ?

Even if it’s there, we can’t call it via plugin SDK APIs.