Realbasic upgrade to xojo?

Hi. Can someone tell me I can just buy an upgraded license if I had a license for realbasic or whatecer xojo used to be?

I ask because I used to have ( purchased this dev product before)…

Not a big huge deal, and I lost it because the laptop was stolen and I was ill for a long time thinking I would never be able to develop again so I didn’t worry about it…

You could try to login on the website and check your license status.
Redownload the old version.

Or better get new laptop, new license and use Xojo.

at least for xojo we can also remove a assigned pc license online.
my xojo license is valid for 3 pc’s.

If you’re not able to find your old license write Customer Service at, we can help! You can always get a Xojo license from the store if you’re interested in using the current version -

You can buy a new licence whether or not you had one before. It’s valid for a year and then you need to but another. Meanwhile, without a licence, you can still use the IDE, just you can’t build apps.

Your license isn’t tied to just the one machine. Contact customer support and they can get you set up on your new machine. You can purchase a license for the current release, but that isn’t required. That would count as an upgrade to your previous license, but unfortunately, upgrades are now the same price as new licenses. (They used to be 50% off.)