REALbasic RuntimeThread.cpp 2615 tempFolder

I have an app built with REALbasic 2010 R1. One customer is reporting the following error message testing on OS X 10.8.5:

Runtime Error

Location /Volumes/RBUS/REALbasic/REALbasic Xcode/../../Common/ClassLib/RuntimeThread.cpp:2615
FailureCondition: tempFolder

This is a new one to me. Any ideas? I’m thinking perhaps “FailureCondition:tempFolder” might mean that the runtime is trying to allocate a temp folder item and failing. Perhaps the user has anti-virus software running which is interfering?

Any other ideas?

The error is that the runtime can’t find the temporary folder (i.e. SpecialFolder.Temporary). I don’t have any ideas offhand why this would happen.

Thanks Joe - does this have anything to do with my app’s use of Threading (It does make extensive use of it) or is the name “RuntimeThread.cpp” not a threading-specific module? This is, naturally, a Carbon app since it’s built with 2010 R1.

It’s related to the Mutex class, which should only really be used for synchronizing state between processes.

I do use the mutex class in this way:

      myMutex = new Mutex(myMutexName)
      if myMutex <> nil then
        if myMutex.TryEnter then
          ' ok, we are only copy running
          ' another copy running - this requires us to quit
          LogWarning  "Another copy of " + myMutexName + " is still running, must quit now."
        end if
      end if

Which seems pretty straightforward.

Followup: we did some investigation on the client’s machine, using EtreCheck (an app which makes a nicely formatted text file listing 3rd party apps, haxies, kexts and startup items). We identified a few possibilities, and the user reported that removing Intego Backup Assistant fixed the problem.

Perhaps also relevant: the issue only cropped up if the user ran the app within several minutes of a cold restart of the computer.