RealBasic not opening a project

In addition to my current Xojo projects, I am also still using a 2007 edition of RealBasic to update some legacy projects. Today, I tried to open a project I have been working on by double-clicking it as usual, but instead of the project opening RealBasic just opens a blank Untitled project. I can see that the size of the project file is as expected, but however I try to open it (DB clicking, dragging to an existing project window, loading from the Load Project menu) nothing works. I don’t want to lose several days work if possible, so any advice greatly appreciated.

2007 is a log time ago (for me)…

So, what is the file extension of the project you want to use ? (.rb, .rbp ?)

Power off your computer (quit all open applications from that computer first).
Then, power on the Computer,
fire REALbasic,
create a new project,
add a PushButton,
save it (so you get the file extension),

check if your project have the correct file extension. Change it if needed.
Load the project using File → Open.

Of course, you use the appropriate computer / os for this old version (can be problematic using a Mac since it was probably a pre-cocoa application, Intel processor, I suppose…)

The extensions are rbp. I can open a file for this project that I saved four days ago, but the one I saved yesterday doesn’t open - just seems to create a new project window with the name “Untitled”. I am using Windows 7 to work on these legacy projects. The only other strange thing was that when I first tried today to open the file by double-clicking it I got the “Realbasic has found an unsaved file, do you want to open it” message. I know I saved the file correctly with no crashes yesterday so I selected NO. I have tried changing the name of the file before opening it but to no good effect.

AS you understand, this was an error.

Sorry, I do not know what to say.

BTW: try to open the file as text (in a text exitor) to know what is really inside that file.

I hope you have a back-up file (a recent back-up file)…

Your only chance is using Arbed: Thomas Tempelmann | Arbed - The Powerful Project Editor for Xojo . Even for old versions of Realwhatever you should use version control.

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Thank you, I’ll investigate Arbed.

For clarity, if you accidentally opened this file in Xojo and saved it, 2007 will not be able to open it.

don’t you have any backup of the project ?

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