REALBasic: Matt Neuberg

I was (am) a big fan of this book which was essential for my entry in to REALBasic.

It is very much out of date. Published in the early 2000’s. But, for me, a very clear exposition of the ins and outs of REALBasic as it existed at the time. Still with lots of useful exposition but difficult in the sense that a new reader would not know what was obsolete.

At one point, I scanned my entire copy so I would have a digital version. I do not like non-digital books in my life by and large. But scanning books is a huge pain.

I was surprised when wandering around Amazon that they now offer this as a Kindle edition:
REALBasic: (Definitive Guides) 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition $17.37

I do not know how this comes to be. I do not know if this is done by some third party or what. It is hard for me to believe that Amazon itself would Kindlize an old book like this. But very happy that it is there.

You do not know what Amazon is able to do (for example: sale illegal stuff, sold bad power supplies, etc.).

The publisher, O’Reilly, actually made a digital edition of the book. You could upgrade to the digital editions, if you owned the physical book, for $5 and get digital copies in ePub, Mobi, and PDF. Unfortunately, last year they stopped selling individual books themselves and now sell through places like Amazon, so no more cheap upgrades.

[quote=367364:@Robert Livingston]I was surprised when wandering around Amazon that they now offer this as a Kindle edition:
REALBasic: (Definitive Guides) 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition $17.37[/quote]

The paperback is only $5.95.

Tony, I did not realize they no longer directly sold books. The last book I bought from them was Nov 2016 so I had not been to the site. Sad.
I own about 40 books through O’Reilly and they treated the customer well with Updates and the ability to re-download books if necessary and a variety of formats. I prefer reading these books in iBooks. I guess now it is only Kindle and you are handed off to the relatively impersonal Amazon.
I really try and avoid paper books now and will actually pay a premium to get a digital version under the not terribly rare circumstances that they are actually more expensive than the paper. (particularly because of the availability of “used” paperback books but you cannot find used Kindle books)
Safari (the digital O’Reilly book library) is what they are pushing now. I probably would love to have this and I certainly like the concept but $40.00 per month is more than I can justify.
I would be curious if anyone is actually using this service and how they like it.

On their site:

They said:

REALBasic: TDG, 2nd Edition By Matt Neuburg Publisher: O'Reilly Media Release Date: February 2013 Pages: 752

Hint: rad the Release date ! :wink:

Perhaps Feb 2013 is when they digitized the book. But I have the paper copy of the second edition and it was originally published Sept 2001.

Of course !

The darned thing is still on my living room bookshelf. Matt’s a great technical writer, I devoured his voluminous Swift series over the summer. He doesn’t pander, uses very precise language, and gets into every detail, while keeping it organized enough that it’s not overwhelming.

As I was reading the Swift books I was thinking to myself “Dude, you wrote the RealBasic bible, how could you be gushing about this horrible, unnecessarily cryptic programming language and its tyrannical compiler??” But of course, he has to make a buck like the rest of us :slight_smile:

This is Matt job. Have you seem its iOS and other TDG books ?

I use Matt’s book heavily. I would love to see him upgrade this book to the latest Xojo release.