real studio license validation

I have trouble validating my real studio license. Even though I am connected to the internet, I get the message “Your license key could not be validated.” when trying to use real studio 2012 1.2. Real Studio 2011 release 3 won’t even launch, it just crash-quits on me when i start it.
Moreover, I don’t see a get authorization code option when logging into my account in Is the RS validation server still up?

No, it’s not. But it should be. We’ll get it taken care of soon.

Hi, I have a follow-up question about this: I am assigned to development workstation that is not Internet-connected.

How may I obtain an offline Real Studio license authorization code? Will that function be brought into the Xojo website’s RS license area?

You need to call our office during normal business hours Monday through Friday to get an 8 digit activation code.

FWIW this is an issue we resolved with Xojo. You can just download your license key files to a flash drive and move them to the computer that has not Internet access.

Hi! can anybody provide me a license key for personal testing use…I wanna build the project but the trial purpose but Xojo is not allowing me to do so…Plz help… … Email:

Sushil - Please contact Customer Service at