Real Studio 2012 on Mavericks

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Is anybody else running into issues with RS2012 on Mavericks? It mostly runs okay but every once in a while the IDE completely crashes and I have to restart. This would be less of an issue if my project didn’t take 4.5 minutes to load.

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P.S. Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade our project to Xojo 2013 yet, so please don’t suggest that as a way to fix the problem :slight_smile:

I have not had any issues with Real Studio running on Mavericks. I would make sure any plugins you’re using are up to date and also try clearing the cache and restarting the Real Studio.

Good suggestion on the cache- I didn’t think about that. I’ll also double-check the plug-ins. Thanks!

If you use TCPSocket and compile with RB2012 you will have issues when running the app with Mavericks.
I had to update two apps that where still compiled with RB2012 and had issues with OSX10.9
Compiling both with Xojo fixed the issue.

So here you go … a good reason to step up to Xojo. :wink:

The cache clean-up didn’t seem to fix the problem.

Christoph, the issue is with the IDE itself, so the app itself isn’t even necessarily the issue right now. Here’s a copy of the stack trace I’m getting. It’s similar to this each time and is a bad-access error.

0 rbframework.dylib 0x02a14515 0x2944000 + 853269
1 rbframework.dylib 0x02a14b39 0x2944000 + 854841
2 rbframework.dylib 0x02a14b00 0x2944000 + 854784
3 rbframework.dylib 0x02a27204 0x2944000 + 930308
4 rbframework.dylib 0x02a2961f 0x2944000 + 939551
5 rbframework.dylib 0x02a2a497 0x2944000 + 943255
6 rbframework.dylib 0x02a2656d 0x2944000 + 927085
7 rbframework.dylib 0x02a2614e 0x2944000 + 926030
8 rbframework.dylib 0x02a26bb8 0x2944000 + 928696
9 0x9c22ab15 aeDispatchAppleEvent(AEDesc const*, AEDesc*, unsigned long, unsigned char*) + 387
10 0x9c1fd842 AESendMessage + 3574
11 0x9c229e62 aeSend + 464
12 0x920aac4c AESend + 87

Something else seems to be going on.

And seeing this too:

I wasn’t referring to your issues but just saying the TCPSocket has issues too. :slight_smile:

@Christoph De Vocht Ah okay :slight_smile:

Well, regarding this it seems to have resolved itself with good old-fashioned fix of rebooting. Very strange.