“REAL Studio 2010 Release 1.app” can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Mac OS X 10.12.6

This is the newest version that I am licensed for that can compile Console applications.

$699 is absurd just to be able to compile console programs.

Is there an official workaround, or should I just manipulate the program until it works?

I figured it out.

Run this in the Terminal after copying the REAL Studio 2010 Release 1 folder to Applications. It’s all one line - the forum makes it look like two.

sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/REAL\\ Studio\\ 2010\\ Release\\ 1/REAL\\ Studio\\ 2010\\ Release\\ 1.app

This answer is non-obvious from Google search results.

It probably applies to other versions of REALbasic/REAL Studio.

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I think it’s because of the new Translocation Mechanisms in macOS.

A good explanation about why & how “Translocation”: https://www.synack.com/2016/12/16/untranslocating-apps/

you could also allow all apps in the security tab of the system preferences, it does the same.


you have to know that in some unknow future this application will not work anymore (probably by next year’s new macOS version, the one after High Sierra).

I have a friend who still use Snow Leopard because some of his softare needs an upgrade (at diamond price / priceless upgrade) and he cannot afford it, but he needs (for his own use) it

PS: I understand your money concern, but the shared price is not the price for building Console applications only. Check the xojo web site for prices.

I read that some Raspberry PI kits include a Xojo license to compile for that and I don’t see it offered at Xojo’s web site.

Did you ask customer service if there is a license for your needs?

This is not correct. I have it set to “Anywhere” (in Sierra, must use “sudo spctl --master-disable” to show “Anywhere” option) but the REAL Studio would still not open.

it works for me but I’m still in 10.9 so… thanks GateKeeper !

That would be the difference then. The last time I used REAL Studio was when I was also on 10.9.

make a virtual machine using virtualbox, and virtualize 10.9 with realstudio inside.

In Sierra, it is no longer possible to disable this check.

But do a right-click on REAL Studio application -> “Open” and confirm.

you can - they just hid that option
here’s one blog post about how

You should not disable it as you risk that you double click malware.

You could also just code sign Real Studio yourself.

Welcome to the world of code signing, if it was signed way back in 2010, the certificate used then would no longer be valid now, and on top of that the certificate that the certificate would have required has also expired.

Apple not only created a mechanism for ensuring that an app came from who it claims to be from, they also created a solution that can cause older apps to become useless. I’ve lost a bunch of little utilities because of an expiring Apple certificate (that are no longer maintained).

Sometimes, I do this with other freeware applications, but for myself only.