Real-basic training


Can someone please tell me if this training material is still valid for XOJO



I would not spend a penny on people who did not care about keeping current since 2013. Or update their very old fashion web site. But that’s me.

You may want to check instead.

You’ll be far better off with Bob Keeney’s Xojo Training, he’s got a LOT of content…

Thanks chaps :slight_smile:

Another aspect not to overlook is that Bob Keeney is active in this forum, unlike Marrut.

Actually, I performed a search in both the old Real Software forum and this one, not a single mention of these people. That tells a lot…

Another good source of information is the XDevLibrary, where you will find books specific to the Xojo development tool, written by users such as Eugene Dakin, who is himself a regular in this forum.

And of course, the Xojo books free for download.

Excuse me Michel, are you sure about Bob Keeney’s Xojo training web page? I’m getting a blank click on the link. It might be my connection, though (it’s somewhat shacky)

Must be your connection. It works fine here. Just checked. is up and running. Occasionally we have someone using a satellite connection that has issues but other than that I haven’t had any complaints in a while.

We also offer an offline version