Reading PDF Forms

Hi everybody,

is there any PDF Plugin or API for reading data from filled PDF Forms? I just need the data.
Thx in advance!

Our DynaPDF Plugin will do it.

Thx Christian, your DynaPDF is huge but as far as I overlook your Product Matrix I have to buy the Enterprise Version or I am missing something? That would be a lot more than I really need. Just plain export of PDF form data, no vectors, no displaying nor manipulation is needed.

Which platform?

For the form functions you only need Lite function as far as I know.

Forget my question about platform. I thought you might be able to do it through the pdftohtml CLI, but it doesn’t grab the form data. DynaPDF is probably the easiest way to go, although, in a pinch, it looks like you can parse it as text with regular expressions.

I use PDFToText from the XPDF package using the shell to extract text from stand (not forms) PDFs. Domn’t know how it would work with forms.

There are compiled versions for Mac as well as Windows (But separate ones for 32 or 64 bit OSes there) and linux available.

  • Karen