Read text in textarea like it were a file

Is there a way to use read line to read xmp data in a string or textarea and by pass the file. I have read a large xmp file contained in a SQLite database and want to read the lines one at a time. Do I have to write it out as a text file and then read it back in?

dim arsLines() as String = Split(sMyBigFatString, EndOfLine)

this assumes the the EOL used in the XMP file is the same as the platform default

if it isn’t, or you are not sure if it is (or always will be)
try this

dim arsLines() as String = Split(replaceLineEndings(sMyBigFatString,EndofLine.unix), EndOfLine.Unix)

this will convert any line endings in the XMP data to “LF”, and then split based on that.
This will work regardless of the end of line markers used

I assume that people have read the manual and know what they’re doing.

LOL!!! Tim… you are a funny guy! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys…

I used to develop systems in a large corporation. Our standard response to a user question was FRTM - first read the manual. It was always frustrating when they wouldn’t take the time since I was the guy who had to write the user manual.

FYI… William… my sarcasm was not aimed at you … just Tims use of the word “assume”. His response “assumed” that the input data would always conform to the platform the app was running on, which “may” be the case, where I always “assume” a “worst case” scenario. :slight_smile:

I learn this one ! The one I knew is RTFM.

Nota: I also wrote some manuals. Years prior that, a day I was feeling down, I started to read the manual of my Nakamishi K7 drive and learn something on that hardware I was using for… three years !. Since then, I always get an eye on the manual(s), when one exists.

BTW: sometimes: you do not know the word to search for; other times you do not had the idea to search for the good word (you do not know it). And this, even when you have the correct pdf for the reference manual. That is when a friend comes handly.