read from text file in Web

Hi, I need to read from a textfile that will be stored on the server. This file will contain encrypted information, but a txt file. How do I read it, I can not user textinputstream.Open and file.readall….

So how do I do it ?

I want to have a encrypted file with users and expiredates… I don’t want to use a database for this… and this file will be updated manually, as I add new users

PS; I don’t want to dowload it, just for the session to read and check it.


If this is from a web app running on the server, you can use textinputstream.Open and file.readall. If this is from a desktop app, you can get the file with an HTTPSocket.

I did a textinput stream and file.readall, but got a error with not terminated file JSON or something…

/I’ll try to dig some more then… :slight_smile: thanks

The actual error would be helpful, but if you are getting an unterminated “something” in a JSONItem, its most likely an unterminated string. Make sure your strings all have quotes around them.