Read DB to String

which it is the difference between spending data from DB to a string or type the string data.
i have a problems with this code

If i write the string like this it work
PostScript=Chr(27) + Chr(112) + Chr(48)+Chr(64)+Chr(64)

but if i read the data from sqlite with same string no works

Does the data make it to the database when you write it? If so, what are you getting back? Also, since you are writing non-viewable control characters you might consider using Encode/DecodeBase64.

Same kind of answer Tanner already wrote:

Did you read the sql data file with another applciation ? (tool)
If so, you know what you wrote and can change the way you wrote it OR the way you read it (depending on what is in the file).

Yes i can see the data with Sqlite DB View and is the same (Chr(27) + Chr(112) + Chr(48)+Chr(64)+Chr(64)) but no work using Encode/DecodeBase64 it only works when i use like PostScript=Chr(27) + Chr(112) + Chr(48)+Chr(64)+Chr(64) in the code