Re-stablishing a link with a referenced file

Hi, guys,

I need your help.

When I move a resource that is used in project, XOJO cannot find it. With previous versions, selecting the resource in the dialog and pointing to its new location used to be a solution for this type of problem.

How do I do this with the current XOJO version?

Thank you,


OK, I can wait …

Maybe someone sees my question and guides me in the right direction …

Not a big deal … I can wait …

This should also work in current versions of Xojo. What exactly did you try? Which version? Which OS?

And yes, this is sometimes very annoying. Xojo could be much more intelligent.

Hi, Beatrix,

I am using a Mac version 2018r2.

The original image was located on the desktop, and I moved it to a folder. Now, I have a popup window when I launch the project. The popup says “Unable to locate one or more original images”. When it is highlighted, the resolve button is still grey (inactive).

In the previous versions, when a missing item was identified, one could select it and by clicking the “Resolve” button show its new directory.

It does not work any more. The only thing I can do is delete the reference, and import the image from its new location.

This is really weird.


I remember reading a bug report about that. I think it is fixed for next release but I’m not sure.

Edit: if you have an imageset you can drag the image to the empty (missing) reference, no?