re-inventing the wheel (again)

I often find myself re-creating functionality that I should have saved in a reusable form for later use. Then I find myself digging though countless old projects to find it… Sometimes to no avail. It’s developers deja Vu. Am I the only person who does this?

hence why theres

Reusable code should also we wrapped up into a class or module. You can then save to an external file and include with any of your projects.

If I might add, having those classes and/or modules self contained and decoupled (not dependent on other classes and modules), makes their reusability even easier.

Most of the stuff I need to re-use is decoupled, but it’s just hidden in one of the many projects I have laying around. Some times I forget that I even created it and think to myself halfway through “I’ve done this before”.

I have recently looked at “Dash”. I was thinking about incorporating it (or something like it) in to my workflow.

Just to tie this to another current thread… decoupled… that is a good reason to avoid globals.

We created a “Base” projects for Desktop and Web that contain our standard set of classes/modules/etc. That way if we create something new or do some modifications we know to do it to this project as well. Of course, it’s all under version control so we can track the changes.

This is what I need to do soon before I recreate something else. :slight_smile:

Yeah, well, I’ve been doing this 13 years and our base project isn’t all that old…