(Re)Deploy a Web App

Most of the time when I update my Web Apps I copy ALL of the files from the build to the server. I am pretty sure this is not necessary most of the time. It seems just copying the executable to the server is sufficient unless you invoke some new function that needs a new support library that gets added to the build.

Are there any official guidelines or a best practice?

Unless you use a new library or something, I am planning on just copying the one file. If you have a new version of Xojo that you’re compiling with, I would say the libraries could change, but I can’t see a reason to copy what’s staying the same each time.

Best Practice: Copy all the files, just as you would when deploying a desktop app.

You can certainly try copying just the executable with the hope that your changes didn’t alter the dependent libraries in any way, but if you run into trouble you’ll want to send all the files anyway. It seems easier to just copy all the files in the first place.