Re: apps breaking

I will be testing my apps across multiple browsers - and it seems so far that FireFox works spectacularly well.

For those of us developing web apps - quick tip - you might want to put in your app somewhere after or near the open event timeframe the preferred browsers for your apps, and notify users via a message of some sort that any untested browser has not yet been tested, and list what browsers have proven good with the app.

I am having to screen for browsers because certain features I’ve developed like drag and drop did not work with most of the browsers I have on hand. I also encountered this problem of compatibility after trying to implement a Trim on WebTextField content earlier today.

Hope this helps!

PS - I will also be developing a Feedback mechanism for my own apps after wishing other software had a feedback mechanism, so I can issue-spot earlier.

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It is a great idea to test on many browsers, but have in mind that chrome has almost 65% of the marketshare and safari almost 20%.

Making efforts to make something work on any other is not so great in Cost-Benefit.

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Some features do not work on Chrome, and I found this out the hard way while trying to demo work I had completed to a client. o.O … was probs my worst moment, tbh, because the client fired me after Chrome did not work – I had been developing using FireFox and was not aware that browsers can treat apps differently, until later that day when I was trying to figure out why one browser worked and another did not.
[EDIT] – wanted to clarify that this was the first and only time I had ever really been fired from any contract or job in my life, so it was devastating not to have known about this issue before that day.


Well, it is most the different interpretation that the browser engine makes. Chrome uses the chromium engine, also used by Vivaldi, Opera and even the latest Microsoft Edge, so, making for chromium you have the 65% market share from Chrome plus another 10% from the other chromium browsers. It is easier to meke a fe change to chrome than many to instal firefox or other non chromium.

For the past years, to avoid that problem with demos, I allways tell the client that the web app works with chrome, most of them already had it installed.

So, if you found something that d

So is easier to

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