Hi there,

is there a RCON implementation for xojo? Like a class or something?

Greetings at all

Google returns several definitions for RCON. Could you be more specific?

thought there is maybe a finished class like rconsharp

Like Minecraft’s RCON protocol? https://github.com/charonn0/RB-MC-rcon

If you want to get real stalkery/specific I know Sascha is working on a Ark server setup tool from a screenshot in another thread, so probably the Ark RCON protocol: http://www.ark-survival.net/en/2015/07/09/rcon-tutorial/

Yes but its really heavy to geht a simple tool like this with … its just an experiement at the moment. Normally i use Visual-Studio which comes with a much better workflow and many classes or libraries with nuget :wink:

I used Xojo a year before to write a tool for Synolgy DS on OSX (synosync)

im not an expert with TCP communications :smiley:

RCON is a valve protocol and mostly minecraft or ark uses RCON the same way.

I’m currently editing and old class (RCONTCP) i had made. If your Interested you can PM me.
It’s using the Valve RCON protocol, can be used for half life based game servers.

Wow that’s kind of funny. I too have been working on a tool for the same game, though different purpose. https://github.com/thommcgrath/Beacon-For-Ark - Sorry to hijack the thread.

I’m not aware of any RCON implementations for Xojo. But I bet it could be done without too much hassle. I’ll take a look at the protocol.

Yeah, RCON is dead-simple: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_RCON_Protocol. The link even includes some packet generation samples, including VB.Net, which could be ported to Xojo very easily.

Oh also, if you’re not aware, there appears to be a bug in Ark’s RCON server implementation. Disconnects happen very frequently it seems. At least, this is what happens with ARKon and that developer blames Ark. So if you run into that, don’t pull your hair out thinking you’re doing something wrong.