RB12 program has black tab header under Mavericks

I just installed Mavericks. I opened a RB12 carbon program that has a tab panel. The tab panel header tab that has the focus is black. When you click on another tab the header turns black, the previous tab header is displayed normally. When the same program is compiled as a cocoa app then problem goes away.

Hi Henry, which version are u referring too… can’t remember have RB12 unless u r referring to RB2012

Sorry Richard. It is rb 2012r1.

I’d suggest you compile in Xojo 2013 r3 as Cocoa since Carbon UI API’s from Apple aren’t getting any fixes nor are they from us.
Neither is 2012r1.

And, as you said, the problem goes away when compiled as Cocoa

I just realized this problem also in RS 2010 r5 and it’s a big blunder to me.
I might try to use a toolbar instead to see if that solves it.

The reason I haven’t used xojo for this project was because my first tests with it were pretty bad. Lots of problems and not optimized.

If not then I’m looking at a lot more work than should be.