RawHeader and HandleSpecialURL

I wish to exactly what a remote machine is sending my web app.

I can use session.rawheader to see it but if I use HandleSpecialURL, there is no session.

How can I see what is being sent? (Request.raw ?)

Request contains all details

If the request is properly formed you are correct. (and the pages of the documentation you point out will work nicely) Thanks for the suggestion.

HOWEVER if it is not that XOJO can’t parse it properly and I can’t pulled it out by name/value.

In Session there is a rawheader that you can look at and see what was actually requested.

I am looking for a way to see the raw request.

Perhaps I’m going about his all wrong?

Wireshark will let you look at the actual traffic across the network. That is my goto tool when I want to see what is actually happening at the network level. If you are on a server where you can’t load wireshark, you can usually find tcpdump and that will allow packet capture from the command line.