Raster(Jpg/Png) to Vector(SVG/EPS)

I am thinking out starting a small Vinyl cutting business (“decals” for vehicles, windows, signs) and wonder if anyone here has created an implemention in XOJO of an algorithm to convert a Jpg/PNG file (black and white) into a proper SVG/EPS format.

Supposedly Inkscape can do it, but its a royal pain, and I’ll go that way if I have to.

What I would like to be able to create is a simple drag and drop conversion tool, and forego all the “other” stuff Inkscape can do. Pretty much all I need is a “one-trick pony” not the whole “circus” :slight_smile:

Vector Magic seems to give good results

thanks… but I am looking for a source code level implementation that I can wrap into a customized cutting program


reveals a few that might suit your needs

Alain Bailleul converted Potrace to Xojo

[quote=255990:@Norman Palardy]http://bfy.tw/4yZf

reveals a few that might suit your needs[/quote]
Actually no it doesn’t, otherwise I would not have asked here. There are hundreds of conversion APPLICATIONS, but that is not what I asked about.

Will, thank you for answering the question that was asked… :slight_smile:

What plotter are you looking at?

Haven’t got that far yet… Still making sure I can get the files I need… and since 1/2 this “business” is going to be computer stuff… I want to make sure I understand it all, as I will ultimately write all my own custom software sooner or later.

[quote=255995:@Will Shank]Alain Bailleul converted Potrace to Xojo

This is what you are looking for @Dave S :slight_smile:

Since I started this post, I found and installed the original POTRACE, but will be looking into adapting some of Alain’s work once I get the rest of my current idea working… Thanks

Thanks going to @Will Shank :slight_smile:

Whom I thanks a 1/2 dozen posts ago