Raspbian Jessie out now!

Big news for Raspberry Pi fans, Raspbian (the Pi’s version of Debian) has now been upgraded to Jessie.


Hmmm… wonder if this will also apply to XOJO?

Sure it will. Makes things a little simpler for beginners.

The release notes are relatively brief:

  • Based on Debian Jessie
  • Upgraded applications - Epiphany browser, Scratch and Sonic Pi
  • Included applications - LibreOffice, Claws Mail, Greenfoot, BlueJ
  • Included utilities - Alacarte menu editor, Lxkeymap, scrot, tree, pip
  • New GUI-based Raspberry Pi Configuration application
  • GPIO control now possible without need for sudo
  • Web link to Magpi magazine included
  • New taskbar plugin to eject mounted USB drives
  • Default boot is now to GUI not desktop
  • Look and feel now based on GTK+3 default theme
  • Print screen key launches scrot to produce screenshot
  • Common keyboards autodetected by GUI and drivers loaded accordingly
  • Numerous small tweaks and bugfixes

Ordered a new 32GB SD card and copied the new NOOB package onto it, booted the Pi and had it install Raspbian Jessie. It’s working well so far. I have it driving my 27" display with no problems!

This is convenient!