Raspberry Pi Pico?

Does anyone know if XOJO works with the Raspberry Pi Pico?

It will not, Xojo is for Armv7 Processors.

Pico has very tiny processor and RAM and unlikely you will ever run big frameworks like Xojo.

(Note that the other small Raspberry wont run Xojo either due to it using Armv6)

Pico is a non linux system. It runs the loaded code straight on the core. And it’s an ARM v6 so it’s incompatible with xojo anyway.

Would be great if xojo would support such boards with plain code, but it can’t…

yea the Pico is more of an arduino type board, not a tiny linux machine.

Tha is a micro controller, not a computer that can run apps in a OS. So, No, xojo does not work there.