Raspberry Pi newbie - recomendations ??


Please advise how to jump into learning about Raspberry Pi. In our company we would like to design a device that would read different sensors (temperature, humidity, luminosity, etc) and record them on a database, that could be accessed through a web app. The app would also control several external devises through relays and/or analog lines (GPIO). We do not have any more specifications at this moment, just a general idea. However, I do have several years of experience with Xojo and love the fact that I could program a RPi to do this project.

Before we get to that point I would like to invest some time and money to learn about the whole context. We could buy a few kits, and play around with them to build up a learning curve. After that point we could start defining specs and/or needs.

So, my question is, what would you recommend for kits that we could purchase, and where do we buy them. Plus, what would be the next steps.

I realise that we have several areas to learn. For example, how to connect the RPi to devises (screens, keyboards, networks, etc … plus sensors, motors, relays, displays, etc).

Any websites / books that would help us are greatly appreciated, too.

My Xojo GPIO guides are one point to start:

Eugene has a good book also, there should be link to it in my links section.

Then there is the basic guides from Xojo, you will find those on this forum in the raspberry pi section.

I highly recommend Eugene Dakin’s book “Program Raspberry Pi 2 B Electronics with Xojo” found at http://xojolibrary.com. It’s a very good guide to getting started and then some.

He has an update out which covers the Pi 3B also.

I used Bjorn’s guides and bought Eugene’s book. I recommend both very highly!