Raspberry PI Extended GPIO tutorials topic.

Currently I came across there beautiful Raspberry Pi projects for Xojo from
using the great module Paul Lefebvre introduced. I was wondering are there more tutorials available or should we make a forum post?

There are interesting projects I found
-HC-SR501 motion detection sensor

-raspberryRelay board

-raspberryF85 vibration sensor

-raspberryFlame sensor

-raspberryDHT11 and DHT22 humidity & temperature sensors (3 pin version)

-raspberryIR Infrared Obstacle Reflection Photoelectric Sensor

-raspberryHC-SR04 and US-015 – Ultrasonic sensors

-raspberryConnecting button with GPIO and using interrupts.

-raspberryWorking with LED’s – And Wiring 4 pin RGB led to Raspberry PI

-raspberryUsing logic gates – New 8. Nov 2015

-raspberryConnecting MAX7219_LED_MATRIX with SPI bus (A free

Lets create a thread where we can all contribute tutorials because the below project post is locked:

Wouldn’t it be nicer where anyone could post their Raspberry PI projects?

I have some requests or ideas for new tutorials

-I would like to see how to control Servo motors or DC motors.
-Controlling a LCD (e.g. 2 lines, 3 lines display)
-Adding a webcam for Xojo usage (eventually)
-How to add communicate between arduino and Raspberry pi via Xojo. (e.g. sending from the arduino information to the raspberry pi in Xojo)
-Reading time with the raspberry pi or for offline using a RCT module (since Raspberry Pi doesn’t have a internal clock if I am correct)

Let me know what you want to create with the raspberry PI maybe someone picks it up and writes a tutorial for it. I will see if I can write some tutorials myself too.

More tutorials are always nice. I’d say put them on a landing page or even in Github and then post the link here to the forum.

Personally, I want to use the RPI to control an electric kiln. The kiln currently has a crappy controller (meaning impossible to use) that operates a relay to control the temperature. I think temps go as high as 750 F. So I need a J type thermocouple input and a digital output to control the relay. What I haven’t done yet is get the specs on the relay or if there’s a better way to heat the heater element or even if there’s a better way on than the thermocouple (I know my son’s 3D printer is using a thermistor but it only goes ~250 C).

Then programming wise I need to get a PID loop going. Have some code that I stole from Java (I think) that I can adapt.

So much to do and no time. :frowning:

this is so recognizable

Would love to see some tutorials about how to hook up a servo motor