Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu

Will xojo apps run on a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu?


I haven’t tested it, but I would guess yes. The Pi foundation OS of Raspbian is based on Debian which is what Ubuntu is based on.

I recently installed Ubuntu and Raspbian on a Pi that we deployed as a web server. I think Raspbian actually ran better for that purpose so we went with it instead of Ubuntu. This was running server version of Ubuntu and Lite version of Raspbian.

So depending on what you want to do, you might be better of with Raspbian.

Thanks for the reply Kevin,
I like the Ubuntu desktop a little better than Raspbian, but you are right, things do run faster under Raspbian. I haven’t purchased xojo yet, but I am getting close. I have been watching several of the youtube videos regarding using xojo with the Raspberry Pi and it looks like the possibilities are endless.


It works fine on Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu feels heavier and more sluggish though note that.

Has anyone tested Ubuntu Snappy?