Raspberry Pi 3

Do Rasberry apps built on Xojo also run on the Pi 3?


From my tests, Xojo apps work the same on the Pi3 as on the Pi2.

The Pi3 is very similar to the Pi2–basically the same board with a faster CPU and built-in WiFi. (Uses same cases, etc.–difficult to tell apart.)

I should note that I am running 32-bit OS versions on the Pi, which match the 32-bit Arm 7 compiles from Xojo. (I believe current versions of Raspbian, etc. are all 32-bit anyway.)

That’s correct but it’s just a matter of time before we get a 64-bit Linux optimized for ARMv8 with Raspberry Pi 3 support built-in, hopefully in the form of a new Raspbian. The big question is when? Until then, 32-bit Xojo apps on a 32-bit operating system optimized for ARMv6 (the current Raspbian) won’t take advantage of the new 64-bit ARMv8 processor.

I am still amazed that Xojo can produce an app for the Pi2/3 full stop!

I have a Pi2 and just set up my Pi3 today and it is comfortably fast, thanks Xojo - I may never earn any money from the Raspberry Pi but it is good geeky fun and maybe just being able to support the Pi will earn some credit.

FYI the Pi2/Pi3 benchmarks in xojo for a basic loop counting to 100,000,000:

Pi 3: 67s
Pi 2: 75s

Core i7-4800MQ: 2.67s

The performance for web apps seems to have improved as well.