Rapidweaver and add-ons frenzy

After not having touched at a website which I made with Rapidweaver 5.4 a year ago, I went back to it and did run into the update craziness.

There are about one buzzillion of plugins, themes, stacks and stuff which one is supposed to remember where they came from, what they are good for, let alone adding a serial number for each of them. And more: after updating from Rapidweaver 5 to 6 - dang, things are only partially migrated or simply missing.

Going back to Rapidweaver 5.4 and there I could again open the old project, until Rapidweaver wants to update “Stacks”. Click okay and everything seems to install with no error. But then, when restarting Rapidweaver 5 and re-opening the old project, you guess it: gone. “Stacks” missing…

There is a sickness going around which I call “optionitis” - to many options, to many things you have to study and waste time on them, no save migration, just so much waste of time.

I once thought that Rapidweaver is quite nice to create websites and/or help-pages. But this add-on concept is driving me mad. It makes that tool just anything but simple and easy, just confusing.

I can’t believe that after all this time there is still no wysiwyg html5 editor out there which works like a wordprocessor/layouting tool!

Keep it simple, *%&!

But maybe you know any better tool, for visually designing html5 websites?


Hype is more for animation isn’t it?

I’m going to throw in my recommendation for Freeway Pro since you can manage content with it. I use Macaw to make responsive websites since I got a sweet deal for it (I have not used it for timi.me yet though) but it’s a design creator, and not a content management system.

Macaw looks quite promising - I’m going to study the tutorial videos.

I have been using Freeway for creation of Apple Help files, and it works quite nicely. I’m using AppWrapper to include them with my apps.

I also have Hype3, but I haven’t found a case yet where I actually would need such animation. I just need a tool for creating simple webpages with navigation and designing static pages. Plus the possibility to add an iframe where I can include Xojo Webapps with the homepage.

Does anyone know EverWeb?

It seems the tool is written with Xojo. I have not tested it yet.

Hi Oliver I am also a user of RW. All my product websites are made with this tool and I also bought the latest 6th release but switched back to RW 5 due to FTP problems (no active FTP) and severe bugs in the new IDE. I am still waiting till the new RW6 is stable for production.

Two days before I ran into update errors and could not update RW6 anymore. Today they send a newsletter with link to download a new version in order to replace the existing… the guys are about to throw away all their bonus of this sophisticated web creation tool.

My hint: Use RW5! All plugins and stacks I use are compatible with both versions.

Hype is more for animated iFrames or Apps - but not for complete websites.

[quote=180933:@Oliver Osswald]Does anyone know EverWeb?

It seems the tool is written with Xojo. I have not tested it yet.[/quote]
What makes you think it’s written with Xojo?

Well when you download the trial and look in EverWeb.app/Contents/Frameworks and see the Xojo runtime plus a few other familiar names you tend to know what it was written in.

Upgrading to RW6 can be a hassle. But ones you did, it is a great version.
I use both RW and Hype to make websites. Importing Hype HTML5 stuff in RW6 is easy (if you have Stacks) and both are capable of making great and stunning websites.

I think the link is wrong, macaw.io took me to a GoDaddy parking page, looks like macaw.co

Does look impressive at first value.

The guy who wrote EverWeb is indeed a Xojo developer, I met him at the 2013 XDC (when it was still RealStudio) in Orlando, hopefully he’ll be back again this year -

There was a post of EverWeb’s Paul Levine about this, in the Pro Channel.

I’ve fallen in love with http://www.mkdocs.org myself. Just write your docs in Markdown, it builds static html files. All linked nicely to each other.

Ironically, documentation is only mediocre, but after some experimentation, it really does a good job.

I did the Animation Kit 3 docs with it, and will be doing my future docs this way too: http://docs.thezaz.com/animationkit/3.0.0/

Another solution is Quick’n Easy Web Builder.

You can use it on Mac, Linux and Windows. They have a 30 day trial version on their WebSite.



Wow, there IS something around. This shows me again how great this forum is and how worthwhile it is, asking questions here!

I haven’t upgraded because I can’t see a must-have killer feature in RW6. What am I missing?

@Markus: AFAIK better handling of global content. I’ve got the current version of my software in a sidebar. Every time I do an update I need to change the sidebar and then update the sidebar for every page.

But I’ve also heard about stability problems so I’ve not updated.

Rapidweaver is like Xojo: you can do everything yourself or you buy stacks. Most stack developers respond quickly to issues.

[quote=181064:@Torben Vikow]Another solution is Quick’n Easy Web Builder.

You can use it on Mac, Linux and Windows. They have a 30 day trial version on their WebSite.


That’s it! Awesome!

Can rapidweaver site integrated with Xojo?

Sure, just use an inline frame and allow your xojo webapp to appear in such iframe: