Raise your hand if you take a sip of whatever is on your desk when you hit "run"

Raises hand.
Usually either water or lately Rockstar.

amen! I mean yes!

usually sweet tea


Yes indeed. Usually tea, coffee or wine.


I do.

Usually I take a large gulp of my coffee.
Followed by a cheerful YES!, when the programs runs the way I had in mind.
Especially when it was hard programming and needed my utmost concentration.

On Windows - no chance. On the MAC mini almost a chance. Seriously though my apps are commercial, & therefore graphically simple. Ugly but practical.

Not a heavy drinker, but I’ll grab 2-5 “BBQ Kettle Cooked” tater chips per run. I’ve learned to keep important documents on the left and tater chips on the right. This avoids the cross contamination that occurs with important documents in front of you.

The best part of being a casual developer is you get to take a “sip” of the drink on your desk when things stop working :wink:

Yes Tim, and sometimes it is badly needed.

I don’t take a sip of anything when I hit run, but I could drive to the store and pickup my favorite beverage and get back when I LOAD my project on Windows.

I’ll treat myself to a sip IF it compiles without error. :wink:

That’s when I usually take a sip of what I keep under my desk

Haha! Top answer so far!

I attempt to do a few sit-ups while trying to tell myself to be healthy…and after a while just lay on the floor with my laptop on my belly. Its embarrassing when the kids walk into my room and ask ‘What are you doing Dad?’

Be honest with them, Eugene … tell them you had planned on a “birds and the bees talk” sooner or later to explain how new computers are born … and now they know! ^^