Raise Build Step progress and errors to Build Progress dialog

I have a feature request in about getting more information about the various Build Steps during a project Build. Currently, we have no indications regarding the status of any build steps. This means that any external scripts, CopyFileSteps, or other steps can fail and we have not way to know the failure occurred.


Please sign on if you’d like to see this improvement to the build handling.

You could create steps that check themselves and then show a dialog if there’s a problem.

I’d also welcome something like that. One can’t prepare for everything. With a dozen build steps finding a culprit for an unknown problem is very very tedious.

But then we’re back to the old complex RBScripts that I moved away from to make use of the more logical Build Automation feature set.

Old post, but it’s got my vote. Builds are getting more complex and I’d like to work on a dependency manager; long silent background downloads would benefit from this.