RadioButton Text Colour

Hey all!

I need to do something which would seem a very trivial task in something like Visual Studio, however I can not for the life of me figure out how to change the text colour of my Radio Button labels. Any ideas? :slight_smile:

Thank you

Can’t be done with just the radio button. Shrink the button down to just the size if the button itself and use a label for the caption.

Ok thank you, Thats incredible, could someone explain the reason as to why? I assume its due to cross platforms?

Since Xojo uses native controls, unlike some other compilers, they are not able to create a looked radio button on all platforms.</pure speculation>
BTW, almost daily someone posts on the forum asking about a feature and then expresses incredulity that the feature is not a part of Xojo. Really, are colored radio buttons THAT big of a deal?

Over 5 years later and no change… and since you ask @Roger Clary, it is a big deal if you’re not using standard background colour scheme.

Black text is fine if you’re using a light/white colour background, but it doesn’t work so well with dark/black backgrounds.

The workaround is to use labels, but it’s yet another pain point in fighting against the IDE rather than with it…
I honestly think XOJO should consider a additional set of desktop controls that don’t conform to any platform, but which are fully configurable…

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Oh, you are using Dark Mode ?