Radiobutton control set problem

I’ve created a control set for radiobuttons. It works, except for the first one (radiobutton(0)). If it is pressed it stays active, even if other radiobuttons are clicked.

Your btns. Are not actually named radiobutton, but rather some instance name like radiobutton1(0) or myButton(0), right?

Regardless of name/control set, radiobuttons must all have the same parent if they are to function as a group. Put another way, all radiobuttons (regardless of name/controlset) that have the same parent form a group. Only one of them can be true at any given time. Any radiobuttons that do not have that same parent are part of some other group.

They are all members of the same control set. I assume when you said parent you meant control set. Is that correct?

No. Parent does not mean control set. Control set is irrelevant. Parent refers to the control (or if no control, the window) that the radiobuttons are placed on. When you click on a control, its Parent, if any, will be highlighted with a red rectangle.

There is no ‘parent’ property in the inspector. Under controls for WindowMain is:


Then the Window is the “parent”
Basically parent is “what encloses them”
Some times if you need more than one set of radio buttons on one layout you need to worry about this since if you just drop them all on the same layout they are one big group. But that behavior might not be what you want.
You want them to act as two or more independent groups.
So group them together by putting a canvas on the layout and turn off all of it’s attributes so its not visible under any circumstances.
Then drop your radio buttons onto the canvas(es) and you can have as many different groups as you want all on the same layout.

When you place one control on top of another control, the bottom control becomes the Parent of the newly placed control. That parenting behavior is what defines a “group” of RadioButtons. If I had to guess, I would say that your RadioButtonPrintRating(0) control is on top of some other control, but the rest are not. That defines 2 groups of radiobuttons, one containing RadioButtonPrintRating(0) and one containing the rest. Click on each radiobutton and observe the red rectangle, if any.

Got it! Thank you everyone!