Radio with iOS

I want to create a radio for my customer, is possible? I not find anything about this topic on xojo documentation.


dtPlugins for iOS has a radio class

Soon available…

for “Radio” I mean “Radio station” with streaming audio :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=164506:@Daniele Murabito]Hello,
for “Radio” I mean “Radio station” with streaming audio :P[/quote]

From what I see at, Safari iOS is able to stream the radios there without anything else.

This in the open event of an HTMLViewer plays quite nicely in the simulator :


Thanks, but in this way I haven’t a player for change the volume (for example) and other options.

I am afraid since there is no control to play multimedia yet, and the HTML5 audio player does not support m3u, your own declare, is the only option.

It would be a good idea to create a feature request in Feedback to have a chance to see that available in a next version of Xojo.