Radio Button in Control set value setting problem

I have multiple group boxes, and am putting 2 (or 6, in one of them) radio buttons into each one.
The first radio button in each group box I name appropriately as soon as I drag it into the group box, then I make it a member of a new control set (named after that radio button) which gives it index 0, then I copy it the requisite number of times to get buttons of index 1 etc.

I have just done this with two different group boxes of two radio buttons each.
For testing purposes (to speed things up), I would like to give a default value of on to one of the radio boxes in each group box. (When I run the program for real, I will have all set to off so that the user selects what they want, but I go through this part of the code so often in testing that I want to save the time for now.) However, even though the two sets of radio buttons each belong to their own different control sets, every time I set the value to on for a radio button in a different control set, it changes the one that IS on to off.

Specifically, I have RBgroup1(0) and RBgroup1(1) in GroupBox1, and RBgroup2(0) and RBgroup2(1) in GroupBox2. I believe I ought to be able to set one button from each group to on, but RB is currently not allowing me to do this. (I have done this in the past, with RB if not with earlier versions of Xojo. I have just upgraded to the most recent version of Xojo and this is when I first started noticing this problem. I am relatively new to Xojo but could only get to the current version after upgrading my macs to the latest OS X. I am pretty sure–but not 100%–that this was working right in an older version of Xojo just a week or so ago.)

What am I doing wrong in setting up these radio buttons and control sets, or is this something wrong in this version of Xojo? (2015 2.2)

Thanks for any guidance!

(I realize I could change the value of one button from each group box in the code. And maybe that would be better anyway, as I have to set some other variables too at the same time, and if I can’t get a fix to this I’ll do that. But I’d really like to understand what is going on here and why it is only letting me set one button out of the whole lot, when I’d like to set one button from each group box. thanks. C)

Edited to add: As it turns out, the values ARE on as I set them, it is just the visible manifestation in my editing window that makes it look like only one of the whole bunch is on at a time. (Does that make sense?) So, the bug (feature?) is not nearly as big as I was thinking. But it surely doesn’t help when it looks different from what it is. Anyway, I think I can now proceed with my programming, but is there someplace that this can be reported, if it is indeed a bug?

When setting defaults for debugging purposes I always place the settings in a #If DebugBuild code block in the window open event. This ensures the defaults will never appear in a built product.

I can confirm that this doesn’t work in the window editor in the IDE. It seems that in the window editor treats all radio buttons as one implicit control set independent of the control sets defined. When running the application, the two control sets work correctly (= independent of each other).

Please file a bug report in Feedback.